Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Winter Enjoyment Tips

As I look outside my window, and snow keeps piling up and the temps keep dropping, I guess I could get tickets and head for a warmer place. But that cost money, and besides I remember really loving winter as a kid. You know before winter meant shoveling snow, scrapping windshields, and paying heating bills. So today I’m going to let you on a few tips for winter survival, that don’t cost much money, and you’ll have fun doing.

You have to be out in cold and snow from time to time. If you can’t wear gloves while working, rubbing baby oil,Vaseline 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly
, or my personal favorite Vermont's, Original Bag Balm Protective Ointment
on your hands or any exposed skin, will keep some the cold at bay [plus this does wonders for preventing that dry winter skin].

If it’s icy out there is nothing like a pair of Yaktrax
, but they do cost about $20. You can easily increase your boots traction by cutting V’s in the soles about an inch apart.

Your getting ready to shovel snow or going sledding, but you have that annoying gap between where you mittens end and the sleeve of jacket meet. The simple fix is a pair of men’s tube sox’s. Just cut a hole in the end for you thumb and another to slide the finger through, pull up to your elbow, put on the jacket and gloves, and no more gap.

How about some fun with all that snow in the yard. Build a snowman. Wet snow [right at the point of melting] works best for making snowmen. For more support you can put a sticks in the middle of your snowman. Don’t forget to give him a little caricature. His face can made from left over Christmas chocolates, a mouth from cut apples, he can be dressed in your old coat, or a prom dress. Heck I saw I snowman the other day who was holding an umbrella, with a sign that said don’t forget your sun screen [now that’s a sense of cheerfulness].
If you have an old ice cream freezer collecting dust in the basement, winter is a great time to drag it out. You’ll find mixes for ice cream in stores [if you bought at the end of summer you got them at a very low price] prepare using the directions and pour into the freezer. Pack the ice cream freezer with snow and rock salt in layers, than find help cranking. When it gets hard to turn the crank, you’ve got ice cream. [This is a really good easy homemade recipe for ice cream.]
Remember the feeling of whizzing down hill. All you need to go sledding is about four inches of snow, a hill [look for hill that is safe, avoid roads, trees ect], and something to slide on. You don’t need to buy a sled either, slip inside a large trash bag, a piece of cardboard, or even sitting on your snow shovel, will give you a great sledding ride.

After a day of being out in the fresh air here are a couple of fun cheep ways to top off the night.
Say to heck with the diet [after all you burned a lot calorie out in the cold] and make a cup of hot chocolate. Use full-fat milk, warmed in a pan to just below boiling. Add chopped up chocolate [about a 1/3 of a cup of chocolate, for each cup milk], the higher the coco count the richer the drink. Stir slowly until the chocolate melts. Don’t forget to add some interest, stir with a left over candy cane, perk it up with a dash of chili powder, or stir in that little bit of strawberry jelly from the bottom of the jar.
Make a really old fashioned treat; Sugar on Snow. You’ll need 100% pure real Maple Syrup [bet you’ve got some in the back of the fridge]. Pack some clean snow in four bowls and put it in the freezer while you boil 2 cups of syrup and half a stick of butter for about 5 minutes. Pour over the snow and enjoy.

Winter doesn’t have to be a drag. Get outside and enjoy the cold and snow. Don’t fight it enjoy it. And if nothing else winter weather is a great excuses to curl up with a good book.

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